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A fan site for Snoopy/Peanuts
Aviva Jewelry lovers

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Snoopy Aviva Jewelry Collectors: 

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Please Note:  Photos may be of different jewelry forms (pins, charms, earrings, tie tacks, stick pins, and so on), but we have chosen whatever photo was better for that design.  Keep in mind that many of the common designs were made into many different forms of jewelry and in different sizes.  However, some of the more rare designs may only be found as a pin form or a charm for example.  We did not attempt to document which designs were made into which forms - we wanted to focus more on the designs themselves.    Also - items in photos are not actual size, some are larger to show details, or smaller to save space.


Enjoy our fun & informational page for collectors and fans of Snoopy/Peanuts jewelry made by the Aviva Enterprises, Inc. company from 1968-1985.

A site for collectors to view Aviva designs (common and rare) and to contribute photos of designs we have yet to discover!